Don’t Let Down Your Guard

#Healthy Workspace Many workers have returned to work and many more will be by September. I am hoping to offer some health and wellness advice regarding your personal and shared workspace. Please remember that your workspace is your responsibility as it relates to your health and the health of others using the same office. We have been cleaning workspace and shared space facilities for nearly (17) years; we have encountered many workspace hygiene habits; some good and some not so good. Simply stated your health is in your control and your workspace habits should be conducive to good health and wellness. However, many workers are back to their unsanitary workspace habits; viruses spread much quicker in unsanitary conditions; and in most cases these conditions are due to unsanitary habits and behaviors. Imagine eating in a dirty workspace to include food at and on your desk, keyboard, mouse, telephones, trash, light switches, doorknobs, chairs; I am sure that you get the point; Plus trash on the floor, food in waste baskets for days, microwaves with splattered food from who knows what. Food left in break rooms, on the conference room table; in the sink with someones dirty dishes and utensils. Please don’t get me started on restroom conditions….. It is my hope that everyone reading this will take this warning seriously (Please share); keep your workspace clean and sanitized; this includes all common areas; cover your cough and sneeze; sanitize your hands regularly and Please cleanup after yourself; start an office cleanliness awareness focus. Yours and everyones health depends on your sanitary habits; Be Well, Stay Safe….. If you need assistance please feel free to contact us. Thank You in advance for a Healthier Work Environment. #wellness #health #workplacewellness

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